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Dressed Dolls , Mannequins, Bridal Mannequins & accessories & Clothing    

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Dollhouses by Real Good Toys

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Reutter Co.Porcelain & furniture from  Germany 

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Miniatures Handmade by USA Artisans 

Wallpaper Wallpaper Sale $1.25 

DRAGONFLY: kits, shoe & hat boxes, jewelry, purses, ladies/mens, & laser games

CINDI'S MINI'S: Food & Misc. Boxes, & Books 

  SHADOW BOX Dresses, robes, medical scrubs, sewing notions & more 

GLORIA'S MINIATURES: Miniature Dollhouse, Halloween, Garden, Yoga, Mickey & Minnie & Aunt Jemina Figurines 

  Le Petit Chateau: Clothing, dolls, etc.

CATHY & SHEILA'S MINIS: Garden items, Flowers, Pet/food items, & lots more

  JACQUELINES NEW ITEMS:  Books, Pictures, Magazines, etc.



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Please Remember Absolutely no orders under $10.00.

International Orders must be at least $30 with an additional $5 fee for processing.    I do not ship any international orders during the Christmas Holidays.  

  Utah residents must pay sales tax of 6.80%


  During the warmer months we will be traveling in our new motor home (we're doing our part to help the economy by spending money) and may be gone 3 to 5 days at a time.   Please continue to place your orders as they will be sent via USPS priority mail and only normally take 3 to 4 days after shipping to arrive at your home.  

I will usually post the times we will be out of the shop.  Any orders placed while we are not in the shop will be processed as soon as we return.  


We are currently changing the website to include what and how many items are in stock. "?" marks in the column indicate that the item has not been counted yet and needs to be verified as to the quantity.  Hopefully, this will help you when you place your order as you will know if the item is available as of a certain date.  Because of the large varied inventory this may take a little time.  Thank you in advance for your patience.   Kathi

My Pet Peeves about mail order   is getting an incomplete order without prior knowledge.  You know how it is when you open your package searching for everything you ordered and find out it isn't all there.  I will always notify you in advance if your order cannot be completed.

How to Order:  There are Three ways to order after you find the item/s you would like to purchase.  1) Use the  "Secure Order Form  2) "FAX"  your order to 801-501-9663.  3) "Phone"  Kathi at 801-641-6427.   

Policies: Click here for  Payment Methods, Check & Money Order Policies,  Shop Hours, Returns & Refund polices, International Orders & orders that require a large amount of one particular item.

About Me: Click here for information about me.  My classic cars, my pets and some of my dollhouses.  Remember that as sole proprietors  you will always receive personal service.

Email Me: If you have questions and would like to contact me please email me at either or  

 Links:    Click here for links to my favorite places to visit including places where I order from.

Please Remember Absolutely no orders under $10.00.

International Orders must be at least $30 with an additional $5 fee for processing.    I will not ship any international orders during the Christmas Holidays.  

  Utah residents must pay sales tax of 6.80%

  Member of CIMTA     

    Proprietors:  Kathi S. Julio and Dan Julio - Twelve years experience in doll house miniatures.

Phone:  (801) 641-6427 FAX: (801) 501-9663

We are located in Draper, Utah 84020, U.S.A

Site design  by Kathi S. Julio

Original Publishing date:  October 26, 1999

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To place your order please click on the "Secure Order Form" button below


Secure Order Form


Sorry, I do not process orders under $10.00.  Absolutely NO REFUNDS on Sale Items, budget or Wallpaper or Dollhouses.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.. Must be at least $30 with an additional $5 fee for processing.    We do not ship doll houses overseas.  We do not ship any international orders during the Christmas Holidays.   Also, once the package leaves the US we cannot be responsible for delivery.  We do not issue refunds for overseas orders under any circumstances.  There are also certain countries which have a history of high credit card fraud that we do not ship to so you may want to e-mail us before you place your order.

  If payment is made by PAYPAL please

 remember that payment should be in US dollars only.  Unfortunately, our last overseas

 customer made payment via PAYPAL and we shipped the order in good faith as we believe

 that those who have a love for dollhouse miniatures are very honest people.  We are still

 awaiting the additional monies owed and hope this was just an oversight on her part. 

  Utah residents must pay sales tax of 6.80%

Prices are subject to change due to price increases or data input error.